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Cheap Bong Cleaners - Clean your Glass Smoking Accessories

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It's essential to keep your pipes and bongs clean. Give them a wash between every use and you'll see the difference. For better tastes and smoother smokes use bong cleaners or hooka cleaners.

To get best results use frequently our cheap bong cleaners. For tarred bongs or pipes use the Formula 420 or Orange Chronic bong cleaners with water. These bong cleaners are usually utilized to wash pipes or bongs of all materials including glass, ceramics, metal and plastic. The Formula 420 or Orange Chronic bong cleaners are non abrasive, non-toxic and will never leave any undesired remains.

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Whenever cleaning a glass water pipe using a brush, the glass surface will be scratched, even if you can't notice at first. This is visually not attractive and will even reduce the life-span of the pipe; the surface will not be smooth and dirt can accumulate even more quickly in these thin scratches; as the surface is damage, the pipe will crack more easily, that will never happend with bong cleaners.

The active components in your cleaning products aren’t just as efficient as specialized washing products that aren't designed for everyone, they might also be more efficient and better to the environment!

Formula 420 and Orange Chronic bong cleaners

Formula 420 Cheap bong cleanerFormula 420 - Pyrex, metal or glass bong cleaner.

Formula 420 is an revolutionary pyrex, metal or glass bong cleaner. This formula has established a new level of cleaning for all bong cleaners! Formula 420 is the first to provide a one minute solution for cleanup your bong or pipe. Formula 420 is the fastest, easiest and most effective bong cleaner that can be found on the market.

This bong cleaner is biodegradable, non toxic, skin safe andit acts in one minute! Formula 420 trully is the number one ratted bong cleaner by users! They say that Formula 420 is the "only cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in seconds"!

Orange Chronic Cheap Bong Cleaner
Orange Chronic – Pyrex, metal lor glass bong cleaner.

The Orange Chronic bong cleaner gives immediate results, with no after taste and smell. Keep the pyrex glass looking brilliant, clear and is effective on all hookahs, water pipes and glass pipes. Our bong cleaners are always earth friendly; you'll never fail with Orange Chronic.

Our bong cleaners are created using 100% natural ingredients. Those bong cleaners are easy to use: shake, wash & enjoy. Bong cleaners are the easiest method to clean up your piece. There are lots of ways to clean your smoking accessories, but our bong cleners are not only non-toxic, they disinfects, deodorizes are antibacterian and biodegradable.

How to use Formula 420 or Orange Chronic bong cleaners

  • Shake the bottle to activate the bong cleaners;
  • Put the bong cleaner solution directly into water pipe;
  • Cover all openings;
  • Shake in circular movements for approx. 1 minute;
  • Wash the bong/pipe carefully with water; comes with a special deal. Get our products for:

  • $9.95 One (1) Formula 420 bottle;
  • $9.95 One (1) Orange Chronic bottle;
  • $18.95 One (1) Formula 420 and One (1) Orange Chronic;

Wholesale orders are welcome! Order 20 Fromula 420 bottles or 20 Orange Chronic bong cleaners bottles for $189.95! is part of a big network of vaporizing and tobacco online stores. Our goal is to provide the best high quality products at lowest possible prices. Check out our partners tab for more interesting products such as:

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Cheap bong cleaners online shopping

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